Hendrix Brand refleXion
Brand refleXion
Hendrix Storytellers in word
Storytellers in word
Hendrix Storytellers in image
Storytellers in image
Hendrix Storytellers in design
Storytellers in design
Hendrix Under cover
Under cover
Hendrix Storytellers online
Storytellers online

Wear the suit
that fits you

Brand refleXion

In order to make an impression, you have to know who you are. How do your customers see you? Do you have enough personality to make the difference? Are you relevant? Who are your competitors? Do you have a good image and a strong brand name?

HENDRIX XPERIENCE holds up a mirror to your company, your brand, your publication. We study where you are right now, in order to then take the next steps. Together with you we define the right marketing and communication strategy and bring your brand to life. We bring your story into focus and tell it. Because were storytellers, through and through.


Man is a
storytelling animal

Storytellers in word

Content means substance that you are 'content' with. You're only satisfied when your customers, your relations or your readers are as well. When your communication hits home. Did you tell your story well?

HENDRIX XPERIENCE does'nt just set letters at random. Our copywriters have a journalistic background and possess the craftsmanship to write aptly and expertly. For magazines, books, websites, newsletters, advertisements, social media...


Photography takes an instant out of time,
altering life by holding it still

Storytellers in image

Images awaken the strongest emotions. At least if they're strong images. If you turn the adage around do you conquer a place in the eye, in the heart?

HENDRIX XPERIENCE delivers eye candy. We help you seduce (product photography, advertising photography), we help you tell a story (corporate photography and film, reportages), we help you explain (explainer movies, animation, infographics), we help you to be beautiful (portrait photography), we help you to attain a birds-eye view (drone photography and film), we help you to go deep (3D photography). Moreover, our stylists and cosmeticians help you to be even more beautiful than you already are.


Design is not just what ik looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works

Storytellers in design

Graphic design makes or breaks your communication. The stick factor of your message, which means that you capture attention – or not. Lost in the maze of forms, typefaces, layouts, illustrations, fonts, colours?

HENDRIX XPERIENCE makes you visible with the look & feel that fits you perfectly. We (re)design magazines, books, company newsletters, websites and presentations in accordance with state-of-the-art practices. Or we do a complete makeover, from logo to house style.


Your story,
100% covered

Under cover

HENDRIX XPERIENCE accompanies you from front cover to back in creating magazines, company papers, books, annual reports... We handle each step from creative concept to freshly-printed final result for companies, publishers and authors. Its up to you whether you go for the total package or for a specific service.



We share,
‘cos we care

Storytellers online

Timing is essential. Without timing, the best joke in the world wont draw a laugh. Without perfect timing, the cleverest pickup line leaves you looking . . . ridiculous. Good communication is also knowing when your message has to move, inform, convince, seduce And thus you have to know what your customer wants, at what moment, via which channel.

HENDRIX XPERIENCE conveys your story at the right time, via the right channel, to the right public. In print and online, in a sophisticated marketing mix. Our wwwhiz kids design, develop and manage your online communication: website, newsletters, digital magazines We give your online communication a boost.